I discovered yoga in 2007 when I was recovering from a car accident. I was inspired by the fact that yoga was an avenue for both physical and mental healing.

Between 2011 and 2013 I completed two Yoga Teacher Training in both USA and India. After consistently teaching for 5 years, 2016 I opened my studio, The Toolbox in Durban.

I practice Vinyasa yoga because it reminds me of the temporary nature of things; you enter a posture, are there for a moment, then leave. The constant moment movement makes the practice incredibly physical and I love to sweat. This style of yoga supports my vitality and senses of personal power.

In my class everybody is invited to experience the power of breath directed movement. My intense focus on breath will take you out your head and into your body. You will experience space. Space to breath, move and most importantly space to create something new in your life.

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